iPad Intro

So you have an iPad?  What now?

So you have an iPad?  What do you do?

(Link to iPad created version of this document. )

Great new Apple iPad Resources page: iPad

Be sure you are connected to WiFi.
Here's how:

Open the Settings icon:

Choose WiFi.

Choose the network.

You may need to wait a couple seconds while they load.

Enter the password.

Click to enlarge.

2. Watch the Apple videos. MJ, BW, BB, WJ all have an icon on the first screen of their iPads to link to:
IPad Tutorials http://www.apple.com/ipad/guided-tours/
IPad Info http://www.apple.com/ipad/built-in-apps/
SPED Access: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ipad/vision.html

3. Teachscape, the App for the WiIN project is already loaded on your home screen. You need a user name and password. http://teachscape.com

4. Calendar: You have two calendars. One is an iPad App. The other 'Calendar' next to is the link to your GOOGLE calendar. Just log in and add events. I suggest you use this so you always have access. cal.nsdeagles.org

5. DOCS: An icon called docs takes you to the log in for Google Docs.

6. MAIL: Use the iPAD mail app always located on the bottom menu bar of each screen.  It is currently set for your nsdeagles email.  You can also check online at: mail.nsdeagles.org

For those of you still using our old email with Exchange, you can access it at:


Betty's iPad has a quick video in her ShowMe App about how to add exchange to your iPad email. It is a two step process.  Even if you think it is not working when you try it, click Save and continue with the directions. I'll show you in person also. Here is her video from the online account she created:

7. Screenshots: Taking screenshots may come in handy. At the same time, press the Home button and the Off button. The screen will flash and the image will appear in your photos.

8. App Downloads and Keeper App:  You can download Free Apps with your Apple ID. Your ID is your nsdeagles email address: username@nsdeagles.org where username is your user name.  Your ID password is similar to your nsdeagles password, but is eight characters with a capital letter and a number. To find your ID password, go to the Keeper App, enter your usual nsdeagles password and open the IPad Apple ID note to get your password. Here is Betty's online ShowMe Video about Keeper:

9. IBooks:  Any PDF file you find on the Internet can be saved to iBooks. Just click the 'Open in iBooks' button that will appear ( you may need to touch just below the Safari toolbar to see it again) when you open a PDF on the Internet.

Try it:


10. Dropbox: Betty has Dropbox App on her iPad. Any .doc document can be opened and read in Dropbox, with a button on the upper right as with iBooks and PDFs. I have sent an invitation to each of your nsdeagles accounts. It is free.

Check your email. Or go to App Store. Or here:

Here's a Marzano doc to try if you add the app and sign up:

Betty has another free app that works with Dropbox to add text.
See info here.

Let me know how it works.

Those two apps should help you access any of your documents with your iPad.

NOTE:  Use your Google Docs to create your work; you can then share and collaborate as needed without losing revisions, missing emails, or mess with the confusion of sharing back and forth with Dropbox.

doc.nsdeagles.org   Just sign in and start working. iPads are not as easy to work in, but my student love it just the same.

11. Other Apps:
Evernote: Sign up for free account to save everything -- for iPad, iPhone, Desktop. save images, audio notes, links ,files, etc. Free (. Everything is searchable-- even text in images. The only reason I don't use this in the classroom is that even the discounted school group price is too steep. But individual accounts for adults are free.

Evernote Peek: make flashcards that uses the iPad 2 cover peek technology.

Whiteboard: Open. click connect and hook up with other iPad users near you to collaborate.

ShowMe: Create tutorials -- so can your students -- of a lesson, step by step in a video! See Betty's iPad ShowMe app

TED: Watch amazing innovative people share their ideas. Many appropriate for students. (Technology, Entertainment, Design = TED)

GTasks: It is your nsdeagles Google Tasks. :)

Questions: Sign in to your nsdeagles account to complete this form and ask questions for help.

Picasa: Images. -- more on this later. (Search for "google Picasa" in app store)

Google Books: from google

Google eBooks: from google  -- not yet installed

For more information on iPads in education see Mike Fisher's Livebinder.

Enjoy the wonder of it...

sheri at nsdeagles dot org

Photo Credits:

iPad Flickr CC by nic221
Wonder adapted from Jake Fischer
All others by Sheri Edwards